Anna Breizh

To celebrate the 1505 Tour around Brittany (Tro Breizh) that was made by the reigning Duchess Anne de Bretagne, the City of Vannes and the Institut Culturel de Bretagne organised an exhibition. Anna’s painting ‘ Anna Breizh war hent ar seizh sant diazezer’ was awarded second prize.

In 2015, Anna was invited to take part Jersey Arts Centre Imprint exhibition.

The brief was to show a broad cross section of printmaking, including: etching, lino cut and lithography, as well as digital work.

The Jersey Arts Centre wanted to give the exhibition an educational angle and asked Anna to include preparatory work; sketches and also an explanation of the process.

Tonight we fly

In March 2020, France decided to put all its population in confinement in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic, Covid 19.

The Lockdown was severe and fines fell heavily on the population. We were allowed out of our homes, a few hundred metres only, once a day and for one hour maximum (plus all the necessary paperwork).

March 2020

"I decided to start a series of paintings “Each day has a purpose; one day at a time” to try to ease the despair that we all encountered and to share them through Social Media. Finding a theme and an image for every day was a wonderful experience. Seeing people’s reactions confirmed the joy of communicating through art."

- Anna Le Moine Gray